3 tricks to play with tote bags, good ideas make the tote bag no longer a simple bag

Jun 12,2020


Tote bags are more and more loved by young people. Not only are low-cost tote bags, but also a wide range of styles, they can be well matched with their own dressing and add points to their fashion image!
Imagine who is willing to go shopping with an ugly handbag, the answer is “No”!!!

The handle collides with the body of the bag, giving a full sense of design.

Contrast color packaging design is not only a timeless fashion, but also the most in style nowadays. In various fields, the elements of the color-contrast system are added in unison, in order to bring a more personalized design to the young people who are fatigued with the monochrome system, and more importantly, they can be distinguished from the same competitors in the surroundings. Highlight the personality and taste of the brand.


Use the handle space to repeat the logo,The key to building a brand lies in two points: novelty + repetition, which appears repeatedly like a logo or the same advertising slogan. The repeatability of arrangement and superimposition adds visual effects and makes the overall design more layered.

According to the purpose and use scene of the handbag, make a practical or interesting bag. This can not only enhance the brand’s own image, but also increase the return rate, and become the mobile advertising of the brand.


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