Design Art of Carton Packaging

Jul 11,2019

Carton packaging is the most widely used sales packaging in the world, and naturally has its own design rules. However, there are few carton design monographs or textbooks for packaging designers and students majoring in design arts.
At present, the design part of carton packaging design books is more about the introduction of carton packaging decoration design. The structure part of carton packaging is mainly carton structure, but it is often not much ink and systematic and normative. Many of them are just a list of some drawings, which let people know why they do not know the packaging. Because of the different object-oriented, the textbook of Engineering carton structure monographs has strong theory, more formula data, fewer color maps, and is not intuitive enough, which makes it difficult for packaging designers and students majoring in design art to understand. In addition, many of the existing packaging design books are not closely integrated with the structure design and modelling, decoration design and production content, and the modelling design of cartons is often lack of systematic elaboration.
There is a relationship between wrapping and being wrapped in any object in nature, and the wrapping form, shape structure and practical function of each object make people have to marvel at the ingenuity and great creativity of nature. The most abundant design material originated from nature at the beginning. Whether it is the creative behavior in ancient times or the modern design concept, nature is the object of simulation and research. Looking at nature, we will find that there are many exquisite and ingenious natural packaging forms everywhere.

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