Don’t know what box type to choose for packaging? Let me tell you

Jun 16,2020

Carton packaging is the most commonly used form of packaging, but have you ever noticed or sorted out, how many kinds of them are there and in what form? Don’t worry, the editor of the following packaging brings you a menu of commonly used box structures for you to choose!

1. Socket carton packaging

Socket carton packaging structure design
This is the most practical way of carton, simple in shape, simple in process, and low in cost. Most of the long-term wholesale packaging boxes use this structure.

2. Window type carton packaging

Window-type carton packaging structure design
This form of carton is commonly used in toys, food and other commodities. The characteristic of this structure is that it enables customers to see the product at a glance and increases the credibility of the product. Generally, the window opening part is supplemented with transparent materials.

3.Portable carton packaging

This form of carton is commonly used in gift box packaging, which is characterized by being easy to carry around. But pay attention to whether the volume, weight, material and handle structure of the product are equivalent to avoid damage to consumers during use.

4、Drawer box

This form of packaging is similar to the shape of a drawer. The box lid and box body are supported by two sheets of paper. The structure is firm and convenient for multiple uses. Common packaging boxes for oral liquids, chocolates, etc.

5、Variant carton (also called pillow box)

The modified form carton pursues the interestingness and variability of the structure, and is often applied to some lively products, such as snacks, candy, toys, etc. This structure is more complicated, but the display effect is good.

6、Aircraft box packing box

This covered structure is divided into two types of integral and split. The so-called integral type refers to the lid connected to the box body, which is formed by a piece of paper, such as cigarette packaging; and the split type refers to the lid and the box body separated, formed by two pieces of paper, such as moon cake packaging.


    The above six types are more common carton structure forms, and designers should use them flexibly according to the characteristics of the product when designing.


Through the above summary, I believe that it is not difficult for you to choose a suitable packaging design for the product


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