How to choose the most suitable gift box material

Jun 16,2020

How to choose the gift box material? Of course, this is a problem that manufacturers should consider, but customers are really using the experience. So what paper materials are suitable for making gift boxes and can achieve the desired effect?

The gift box is a derivative product used for packing gifts for family and friends, and is an extension of the social needs of a function of the packaging method. The original meaning of the gift box packaging is to enhance the image of the product, get a good sale and send it to the hands of relatives and friends for more peace of mind and face.

A common gift box generally consists of two parts: Since the cardboard is a gray cardboard with a rough surface, a smoother coated paper should be added to the outer layer. Such as double copper, generally because the glue is thin and mounted on cardboard and the glue will dry to expose the uneven surface. It is also necessary to note that the paper is easy to curl after the glue is glued by hand, which increases the difficulty of manual paste boxes. The surface color paper of MDF gift box basically uses heavier paper. Because the material of MDF is crushed and pressed by wood, the density is very high and it does not absorb water. The surface color paper needs to digest the moisture of the glue and fill the texture of the surface of the MDF, so as to ensure the smooth and smooth surface of the box .

In short, we recommend that you choose the material that suits you according to the needs of the product itself to achieve better results. Warm reminder: The premise is to grasp the issue of good delivery time, because we focus on 15 years of high-end custom packaging, any customized products require a certain period of time, Xing Hao Yi gives your brand the most unique and timeless style packaging customization.


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