Overview of China’s Plastic Soft Packaging Industry Market Development in 2019

Jun 20,2019

According to the “China Plastic Soft Packaging Market Research and Investment Prospects Report (2019 Edition)” published by Limu Information Consulting, plastic packaging is replacing other packaging materials, such as glass and metal packaging in the field of beverage and medicine, because of its low price and performance advantages, which makes its growth faster than that of downstream terminal products. Speed. Plastic packaging can be divided into hard plastic packaging and soft packaging. The high-profit products of plastic packaging are mainly cosmetic products with high requirements for shape design, drugs with high requirements for sealing, food packaging with perishable properties, etc.
At present, through the accumulation of technology and with China’s increasing support for the plastic flexible packaging industry. China’s plastic flexible packaging industry has not only formed a certain industrial scale, but also made great achievements in basic research, technological development, personnel training and other aspects. A number of strong representative enterprises have emerged in the industry.
In 2017, the market size of China’s plastic flexible packaging industry reached 57.273 billion yuan, an increase of 8.78% over 56.651 billion yuan in 2016. With the rapid expansion of the market, the expansion of the production scale of plastic flexible packaging and the rising market demand show a complementary trend. Driven by the downstream industrial demand, the supply and demand scale of China’s plastic flexible packaging market continues to expand. In 2017, China’s plastic flexible packaging output was 17.818 million tons and consumption was 12.865 million tons.
With the continuous improvement of supply capacity of China’s plastic flexible packaging industry, more opportunities will be provided for the export growth of products. In addition, with the continuous maturity of the domestic consumer market, export market transfer will become an important way for more enterprises to seek sustainable development. In a word, the export market prospects of China’s plastic flexible packaging industry will be very broad.

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