There are several packaging methods for plastic suction boxes.

Jul 15,2019

Thermal sealing: It is a kind of plastic-absorbing packaging technology. Paper cards coated with plastic-absorbing oil and bubble shells are heated together by a sealing machine to form a plastic-absorbing packaging. – Ultrasound sealing of Dongguan plastic-absorbing box: It is a kind of plastic-absorbing packaging technology. Ultrasound is produced by ultrasonic machine, which binds the shell and the shell together to form double-bubble packaging. Unlike high-frequency sealing, ultrasound can seal not only PVC and PETG materials, but also PET materials, and the plastic-absorbing box does not encapsulate the products. Electromagnetic damage, especially suitable for packaging of electronic products; the disadvantage is that the ultrasonic edge can only be a point at intervals, and usually only one straight edge at a time. – High Frequency Sealing of Dongguan Plastic Absorbing Box: It is a kind of plastic-absorbing packaging technology. It generates high frequencies by high frequency wave machine. It binds the bubble shell and the bubble shell together to form double bubble shell packaging.
Absorption packaging: Plastic products are manufactured by the process of absorption, and the products are encapsulated by the corresponding equipment.
Plastic-absorbing packaging products include: bubble shell, tray, plastic-absorbing box, synonyms also include: vacuum cover, bubble cover, etc.
The main advantages of plastic-absorbing packaging are: saving raw and auxiliary materials, light weight, convenient transportation, good sealing performance, meeting the requirements of environmental protection and green packaging; packaging any special-shaped products without additional cushioning materials; packaging products are transparent and visible, beautiful appearance, easy to sell, and suitable for mechanization and automation of plastic-absorbing boxes. Packaging facilitates modern management, saves manpower and improves efficiency.
The antistatic tray is made of special material and PP plastic. The surface resistance of the material is less than 6th or 106th to 1011th ohms. Main Applications: Eliminate static electricity, a large number of electronic devices and products used in the production process of turnaround loading, packaging, storage and transportation. In the industry also known as anti-static tray; tray height is generally less than 100 mm; suitable for precision electronic components turnover containers, plastic suction boxes according to customer requirements of electronic components, so there are different requirements for size.

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