Unique Affinity of Food Packaging Design to Attract Consumers’Attention

Jun 18,2019

Visual perception accounts for nearly 88% of the senses of five senses, while the other four senses, namely, taste, hearing, touch and smell, account for about 12% of the total. Therefore, the full efforts on food packaging have an important positive role in promoting food sales.
How can food packaging design convey taste information?
Designers attract consumers’attention and promote the sale of food through the color, pattern and affinity conveyed on packaging. This is a successful design for food packaging design to convey taste information.
On the basis of exquisite packaging, the design of packaging projects that can interact with consumers will certainly attract more attention of consumers, thereby improving consumers’desire to buy. Interactive packaging design has become an inducement factor to show the emotional communication between food producers and consumers. This interactive experience of purchase and use will give consumers a special feeling and win customers’trust and support.
Food packaging design is undoubtedly the most used graphics, because graphics can visually and vividly show the good side of food, which is also the reason why most food packaging chooses more graphics as an important part of packaging. By displaying the image of the product and other decorative items, the product information can be transmitted to consumers more quickly.

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